The Cinderella Effect: Do I Really Turn Into A Different Person When The Clock Strikes Midnight?

Year(s) In Review

I hope you have all gotten on your treadmills, promised to eat right, pray more and love everyone! I also hope you promise to do it past February 1st, 2014. I, myself,  have promised to do a bunch of things this year. However, there is this nagging question that echoes in my head: Am I a completely different person now than what I was on December 31st 2013? Is it possible? By my observation, I found that many plans for the New Year involve leaving the past behind and resolving to do so on the very first day of the year.

I never realized how everyone depended on what I call “The Cinderella Effect”; clock strikes midnight and we miraculously turn into a different person. We put down the Twinkies (thanks for making a comeback by the way) and agree we are now going to eat healthy. We agree to be nicer to people we once loathed and plan on living our lives completely different than the way we did the year before. But do we really? Does it all really happen just like that? Or is work involved? Have we been preparing since January of the previous year? Or did June of last year hit and we decided it was time to start laying the foundation down for new habits?

I’m not sure. I can speak for myself when I say I was a different person in 2013 than I was in 2012 and 2011 for that matter. But I have also found that this didn’t happen in a matter of twelve hours each time. I feel it has happened over the course of experiences, relationships and lots of lessons learned. I, for one kicked and screamed coming into 2014, partly because I really did feel I hadn’t accomplished much and still have miles to go. But when I look back on it, I accomplished more in 2013 than I have in ten years (late bloomer over here). I also found that I had been putting in a lot of work to get things done. I even forgave myself for not being perfect and accepted those in my life whom aren’t either. I asked questions when I didn’t understand (HUGE for me). I also had a conversation with my younger self and reminded her that the dreams she had back then are still very much possible and on the way to becoming true. I told her if she agreed to hang in there, then I will too!

So I guess the question doesn’t really have to do with IF we are different people when that clock strikes midnight. But more about WHEN we realize we are different because of the choices we have and will make in order to look forward and on occasion, look back. Cheers to reflection and forgiveness!

Happy New Year, World!


31-Day Song Challenge


photo courtesy: har13quinn

I LOVE MUSIC!!!! But then again, who doesn’t? DUH! Now, I am by no means musically inclined. I own a guitar, but it cost me like ten bucks and I was going to use my Macbook to teach me how to play it. Now, it is simply a prop in my office and when people come to visit they ask, “Do you play the guitar?” to which I smile and reply, “Nope”. And keep it movin’. However, I have this thing with lyrics. Whether on my way to work in the car or sitting at my desk in the office, I will often find myself zeroing in on a particular song, and then declaring it one of my favorites, simply because there are words that resonate with me. And I don’t just stick to one genre of music either. I get kind of schizophrenic with my playlists. When other people are listening to my music with me, I find myself apologizing in advance for the randomness of song selections I have grouped together. I decided that this month I would start a 31-day song challenge to my social media followers starting today. I’m curious to see how many people can guess the song just by looking at the lyrics. I’ll post the answers here of course. But if you want to play along, follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Happy listening!!!

I’m Baaaaccckkk!!! (Seriously…For real..for real this time)

IMG_0787Hello World!!!

I must first apologize for my long absence. So many things have happened in my life between me saying I was coming back in April until now (literally, as I sit here typing in my coffee-induced high). I decided that it was time to return to The World According To M, as I have made numerous observations about life during my hiatus. First, I would like to draw your attention to the new theme! I am in a very creative place right now and I wanted this blog to reflect that.  Plus, I purchased my first big girl camera. So as I learn about my new toy, I will most likely post photos of the magical moments I capture with it. I also decided that I wanted to change things up  around here with my posts as well.

When I initially started this blog, I had it in mind that I wanted to post Monday thru Friday and have set themes for each day. While that was fun, I found it was almost like a full time job and it became harder and harder to find topics to go with Truth Thursdays and Flashback Fridays without becoming redundant. So gone are the daily themes and what will take their place are random posts and musings about…well…LIFE! After all, that was the purpose of this blog in the first place. But it was supposed to be about MY OBSERVATIONS of the world around me. I feel it is about time to deliver on that. Guest contributors will remain on the blog as they travel with me on this journey and a lot of what they reflect on, I can relate. I hope you can too. I am so happy to have found my “voice” again. Can’t wait to share it with you.